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The Return Of That Geb Guy

I’ve disappeared from this blog for far too long and I’m back! I’ve just finished a month in which I ran my Personal Worst on the same course that I PR’d on last year, and then due in part to a stroke of luck, I redeemed myself (in my eyes) with a great race this last Sunday. I’m feeling re-invigorated and recommitted to my running goals, and my goal of becoming a personal trainer.  Details after the break Continue reading


Looking Back at 2012, and Forward to 2013

A New Year is a lot like the starting line of a marathon.  You’re all rested and renewed, either by the holidays or your taper (though for some those things might make you feel weak and drained). You start full of plans, goals and expectations, some you will achieve and some you might not, but either way you are ready to try your damnedest to succeed.  Soon people fall back, maybe their goal was too ambitious, they didn’t prepare themselves or they don’t believe in themselves enough. Some who stumble early will drop out, others will find the strength inside to push and surpass what they set out to do. In the end just finishing another one (year or marathon) is reason to celebrate. I did not have the perfect 2012 when it came to my fitness and running goals. I don’t think I bit off more than I could chew,  but some unhealthy habits relapsed and held me back from full success. Even with the stumbles along the way, this was my best running year yet, and I learned some things that I can apply to make 2013 even better. Continue reading

Lessons Learned – Portland Marathon 2012

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.    – Winston Churchill

After a too long hiatus from blogging, I’m back.  Ideally I’ll get back to having 2-4 posts a week, but a minimum of 1.   My training kind of went out the window due to a busy busy summer and I didn’t achieve my goal of breaking 3 hours at the Portland Marathon… I didn’t even come near it.  Despite my self-abuse for the first few days afterward, it was not a failure, it was a learning experience.  It has never been clearer to me that a marathon is just as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one. Continue reading

Missed Weeks in Review (in Review)

Well, well:  it’s been 2 months since the previous Week in Review post.  I got busy with GreenStage rehearsals –

Interrupting Shameless Self Promotion: If you’re in Seattle or the nearby environs, come see me and many talented others including Alysha in Henry VIIIfor free! Now back to the post at hand-

, my willpower went out the window and I had 7 weeks of sporadic running.  Because I want folks to hold me accountable, prepare for an info-dump after the break:

Continue reading

Inspiration: The Doctors Delgado

Today I’m starting a new series about people who inspire me. Most of the time this is likely going to be someone that reminds me what I’m attempting to achieve, and that any achievement is possible with hard work.  This will usually be someone in the public eye, be it a runner, an athlete, an actor, a politician, even a fictional character (odds are there will be a Batman or Flash post sooner or later). From time to time I will discuss those who inspire me in my day to day life, like my wonderful girlfriend Alysha, who is always supporting me in my goals while fighting for her own; or my Dad who at 71 is regularly going on hikes and long (and I do mean long) bike rides.  Inspiration is everywhere, but most people don’t tend to focus on it, they tend to focus on the distractions that are keeping them from their goals.

(C) Mayfield Clinic Blog

Alison Delgado competes in the 2012 Flying Pig Marathon
Image (C) Mayfield Clinic Blog

Today’s inspirations are Dr. Alison Delgado and her Husband Tim. Alison was the focus of a story by Nancy Averett in the June 2012 issue of Runner’s World magazine. She recovered from a nearly life ending injury in October 2010 to run a new PR at the 2012 Flying Pig Marathon on May 6th. See their story and why it inspires me after the break. Continue reading

And Now Back to your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Wow, I’ve been busy the last 6 weeks or so and blogging went out the window, along with most of my training since Memorial Day. Between my W.I.T.S. certification class in May and early June and the rehearsal process for Henry VIII  (4 hours, 6 days a week) I let my excuses get in the way of my goals.

This week that changes. I’m not jumping back into 4 2-a-days a week because going from 20-35 miles a week back to 70+ miles in one week is a recipe for failure.  So far I’ve got 8 miles Sunday, 9 miles Monday (containing a 5×800 workout), and a 2-a-day today (8 in the morning and 6 tonight).  My speed has suffered by not sticking to my workout schedule, but I’ve still got 11 weeks before Portland, and I think I can still pull off the BQ but I’m going to have to work hard. Good thing is, I love a challenge!

There Are At Least “100 Reasons You Should Work Out Today”

There is a great post on Sparkpeople.com (the site I use to keep track of my calories in vs. calories out btw) today to help light a fire under your arse on those days when you are lacking the motivation to workout.

Today was one of those days for me,  I woke up and my allergies were kicking me in the face, I was feeling dried out, my throat hurt from breathing through my mouth and my eyes were itching like crazy.  I procrastinated in bed for 20 minutes or more, but at about 5:15 I remembered that I run for me. I’m making the choice each day to run because I love it and because I love what it does for me. So, I dragged myself out of bed, and got myself on the road.

5 wonderful (if stuffy) miles and a 30 minute weight training session later, I got home and waiting in my inbox was 100 Reasons You Should Work Out Today.  Although some of them don’t really fit my reasons for working out, many of them ring true for me, and here are a few that particularly struck me:

2. Because it helps you get stronger

5. Because you have goals you want to reach

57. Because you want to shave time off your running pace

98. Because you want to be stronger than your excuses

100. Because the only workout you ever regret is the one you skip

Which ones in the list speak the most to you?