Current Shows

July 9-August 14, 2016

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Saturday and Sundays at 5 pm*
Volunteer Park Amphitheater**
1247 15th Ave E,
Seattle, WA 98112
Admission is FREE
Suitable for ages 3 to 93

*No performance July 23rd
**The July 24th performance will be held at Dunn Gardens.

Geb will be performing alongside his wife Alysha in Theater Schmeater’s summer production of Raggedy Ann and Andy. Look for him in the role of Lester the Looney and his wife as Babette.

The story unfolds in a special playroom where wonderful, magical events transpire. A newcomer has arrived in the playroom, a fancy French doll named Babette. But that very evening, a certain prince Leonard-the-Looney-Hearted comes riding by on his hobby horse and whisks her away to Looney-land. Raggedy Ann knows what she must do! She and Andy climb out the window into the “deep, deep woods” to fetch Babette back home.