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Weeks in Review: 9/22-9/28 and 9/29-10/5

So this is going to be a 2 for 1 post… I was sick last week and didn’t have the energy or focus to blog properly (or train properly for that matter).  So I’m going to do the last 2 weeks in review rather than just 1.

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The Return of The Week in Review: 9/15-9/21

Blogging hasn’t exactly been on the top of my priority list lately, but I’ve decided to get back at it.  If I’m going coach people on how to run, I should be public and open with my training so people can learn from my successes and failures. I’ll be trying to post at least twice a week again going forward, one post on the previous week’s training and one post of some inspiration. After the break I’ll go into last week’s training Continue reading

Week in Review (7/15-7/21)


As I promised yesterday, I’m getting back on track with the Week in Review posts today.  I think they’re one of the best ways I have for publicly holding myself accountable to my goal.   Since I was coming off such an inconsistent period with the last 2 months I didn’t want to just rocket back up to 70 and exhaust myself, so I set a goal of 5 days and 50 miles with hopefully one or two 2-a-days.

Now for this week:

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Missed Weeks in Review (in Review)

Well, well:  it’s been 2 months since the previous Week in Review post.  I got busy with GreenStage rehearsals –

Interrupting Shameless Self Promotion: If you’re in Seattle or the nearby environs, come see me and many talented others including Alysha in Henry VIIIfor free! Now back to the post at hand-

, my willpower went out the window and I had 7 weeks of sporadic running.  Because I want folks to hold me accountable, prepare for an info-dump after the break:

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Week in Review (5/13-5/19)

After an unintentional hiatus, I’m back blogging with a week in review! The week I missed blogging (5/6-5/12) I didn’t do so well, I may have pushed too hard to break 75 the previous week and my body just decided not to co-operate. I just could not get up in the morning to get out the door.  I wound up missing 2 planned runs (Wednesday and Friday morning) and cutting one short (Saturday’s long run).  I ended that week with a total of 59.99 miles, which really isn’t that bad all things considered, but I beat myself up a bit about it.

Now for this week:

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Week in Review (4/29-5/5)

I love reaching a goal! This week was hard, but the hard work paid off in my first 70+ mile week!  I’ve been in the 60’s before but never for long, maybe a week here and a week there, but never broken the 70 mark so this is a real milestone for me (pun intended).
I had a few really awesome runs this week, even with the weather being spotty compared to the last few weeks. I was able to do 3 days of 2-a-day this week, which I think is about the right number, 4 will be good once in a while, and it’s okay if I end up with 2 some weeks, but I know I can keep three consistent and not be over exerting myself.


Run 1: 7.55 miles in 59 minutes. Truly slept in for the first time in weeks, so this was a late start (12:30 in the afternoon) on a cloudy afternoon.  I had a decent easy pace (considering my 16 miler the morning before) and I could feel this would be a great week. Did an hour of upper body at the gym afterwards.

Run 2: 5.28 miles in 44 minutes, picked too hilly of a route and over exerted myself a little (a lesson I should have learned from last Sunday, but I was just too ambitious!) I had the bad moodiness/jerkiness that I associate with too much training and not eating quickly/enough afterwards.  Lesson learned, if I’m doing a time consuming dinner I need to drink some Gatorade-like beverage or a chocolate milk right after the 2nd run.


Run: Workout! 10.33 miles in 1:17,  I could not will myself to get out of bed this morning so wound up skipping my planned morning speedwork followed by lower body at the gym.  I didn’t want to miss 70 again this week so I got myself out after work: 2.5 mile warmup 3X800 (sub 6’15” mile pace on the intervals) and then took it pretty easy to finish out the 10 miler.


Run 1: 7.39 mile in 57 minutes, easy pace, beautiful morning, was a bit hard to get moving considering the hard evening workout I had the night before, but I kept in the fast end of my “easy run” pace

Run 2: 5.71 miles in 48 Minutes, slow run in the rain.     This run solidified my love of running in the rain, I thought I only liked it when I could wear headphones and ignore how soaked I get, but I genuinely love it!  There were a bunch of great vistas, because the sun was getting low over the Olympics and shining under the clouds, through the rain.  Even got a rainbow out of it.


Run 1:  Workout! 7.45 miles in 53 minutes, kicked my butt! 1.5 miles to warm up, 3xMile intervals at 6’15” pace followed by 2 miles or so of cooldown, these longer intervals really take more mental fortitude than the 400 or 800s, I have to push through the burn to keep pace and I love it.

Run 2: 5.57 miles in 43 minutes, Had trouble keeping my pace down, I was on my old 5 miler route from my last bout of race training and I kept having to consciously throttle down, It’s difficult to remember that going slow is sometimes good for you.


Rest: My usual rest day walk, (4 miles) in the rain for a good chunk of it so I didn’t get to read like I usually do.


Run: Tempo workout! I warmed up for 15 minutes, did 45 minutes at about 6’40” a mile and then had a 12 minute or so cooldown, Tempo runs are always hard but I always feel so pumped after, they really get me jazzed and make for an awesome start to a day.


Run: 15.87 miles in 2:07.  I’m hating these early starts on Saturday, but with my current schedule if I want a long run I’ve got to get up around 6 to do it.  I got out the door late but still managed to do the 15+ I was shooting for.  Missed my ice bath because of timing, but I didn’t see/feel any issues from it after.

I ran 75.23 miles, over 6 days of running, with an average pace of 7’43”.   I ran farther and faster this week than the last!  I’m hoping for another faster week this week but probably won’t add any significant additional distance for a few weeks. I’ll most likely be staying between 70 and 80 miles at least until June, then we’ll see if I’m ready for a mileage boost.

Week in Review (4/22-4/28)

Well, It’s been a week since I last wrote anything, that’s not good.  I know sometimes the writing juices just don’t flow though, and it’s a new week now.  At least I’m keeping my word and getting a week in review posted: Continue reading