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Shameless Self Promotion – From Kings To Controllers

I’m involved in a show that’s opening in a couple weeks (March 4th!) that deals with subject matter I’m super passionate about.

From Kings to Controllers deals with the institutionalized misogyny within the gaming industry and community through the lens of Shakespeare’s The Rape Of Lucrece we’ve been in rehearsals for a month or so and I’m really excited to share our work with the world. Details are below the break (or on my Current Shows page)

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Shameless Self Promotion – Caucasian Chalk Circle


I haven’t blogged in forever, but I want to get back to it so here’s some shameless self promotion!  (Lovingly ripped from Ghost Light Theatricals’ post about the show on their site) Details are there, or below the break.

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Shameless Self Promotion: Cardenio

We interrupt our regular, mostly running and fitness related programming for some shameless promotion of my current theatre project, opening this weekend!
Cardenio - By William Shakespeare and friends (or just Thomas Middleton)

Cardenio  |  Directed by Tony Driscoll

THREE WEEKS ONLY! November 2-17, 2012 – Thursdays through Sundays, 7:30 p.m. Center Theatre at the Armory at Seattle Center  (formerly the Center House Theatre)


FREE – donations accepted.

SHOW PROGRAM (PDF – opens in new window)

Details after the break

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Opening Night!

Opening Night!  The culmination of weeks ( sometimes months) of hard work. I’m always excited to open a show, but I’m ecstatic to get The Last Days of Judas Iscariot in front of an audience. I can’t wait to see the way they react to the emotional rollercoaster we’re putting them on. They are going to cry, then laugh, then think, then laugh, then cry and more.

Time to start getting ready! As they say in France “merde!”

Shameless Self Promotion™: The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

It is time once again  for the time honored tradition of Shamelessly Self- Promoting™ my current project to the world! We open on Good Friday (which oddly enough was the last mortal day of Judas Iscariot) and all the details (Including alink to BPT to get your tickets) are below the break.

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Shameless Self Promotion: Vengeance at Sundown

My latest project opens a week from today! Here’s all the info you need in one convenient place!

October 7, 8, 10, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22 at 7:30 and October 16th at 2:00pm at The Ballard Underground

Join us as our ninth season kicks off with a not-so-healthy desire for revenge!

After the death of his lover and his father, Victor seeks revenge on Duke Jones and his despicable family, but he’s not the only one! VENGEANCE AT SUNDOWN is a 1950’s B-Movie style adaptation of the Jacobean play, The Revenger’s Tragedy written by Ben Newton and David van Wert and directed by Ghost Light Theatricals’ Founding Artistic Director Beth Raas-Bergquist.

Adult themes: Campy 1950′s violence, gore, and sexual innuendo. Recommended for ages 10 and older.

VENGEANCE AT SUNDOWN features the work of…Lauren Anderson, Jesse Baldridge, Geb Brown, Carter Lee Churchfield, Katherine Clancy, Stephanie Mallard Couch, Samuel Duchin, Joey Fechtel, Peter Frost, Dane Goulet, Bethany Hightower, Allison Irvine, Courtney Meaker, Faith Middleton, Jordi Montes, Ben Newton, Beth Raas-Bergquist, Andrew Rekdahl, Travis Roderick, Alexandra Scarborough, Allegra Stahl, David van Wert, Julia Welch, Raymond Williams, and Dan Yost.

Don’t forget to check out the Late Night running the same dates this show! Ghost Lite presents:


Written by Ben Newton and David van Wert

Fri/Sat at 10:30pm

October 14 – 22, 2011

Only $5! Bring in your program from Vengeance at Sundown to receive a free PBR or Rainier!

Join us for our 9th season’s first Late Night production! In Los Angeles, the very worst homicides are handled by an elite squad of detectives — the Serious Murders Unit. They are: LAPDSMU.

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Riding The Bull

graphic design by Carolynne Wilcox

Time for a little Shameless Self Promotion™!

My latest project opens next Friday 7/22! More info after the break: Continue reading