Shameless Self Promotion – From Kings To Controllers

I’m involved in a show that’s opening in a couple weeks (March 4th!) that deals with subject matter I’m super passionate about.

From Kings to Controllers deals with the institutionalized misogyny within the gaming industry and community through the lens of Shakespeare’s The Rape Of Lucrece we’ve been in rehearsals for a month or so and I’m really excited to share our work with the world. Details are below the break (or on my Current Shows page)

March 4th- 19th, 2016

From Kings To Controllers

Ghost Light Theatricals @ The Ballard Underground


Written by Stacy D. Flood
Directed by Jenny Crooks

This new drama previewed at Ghost Lights’ 2015 Battle of the Bard’s where it  quickly became a crowd favorite due to it’s take on feminism and gaming culture. It swept the audience vote and won a feature length spot in our highly anticipated 2016 season!

From Kings to Controllers uses the basis of Shakespeare’s “The Rape of Lucrece” to introduce a larger discussion on the challenges faced by women in video gaming, technology, and the arts. As one woman struggles to build a game that empowers, she is met with trials throughout each aspect of her endeavor – from within the gaming world and her own navigation of it. What emerges is a fun, raucous, inventive, yet insightful play sure to add thought beyond the plastic buttons and flashing pixels with which we are all so familiar.

This play will take you down a wild spiral as it explores one woman’s struggle to create something new in a world dangerously resistant to change. In a time when Gamergate, Sony hacks, and cyber terrorists rule our society, how much will one woman risk? From Kings to Controllers dives headfirst into the fear we all face when we stand alone against a faceless monster.

Tickets available now

Thursday – Saturday at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday, March 13th at 2:00 p.m.
Industry Night on Monday, March 7th at 7:30 p.m.


Elizabeth Brammer… Liv
Beth Pollack… Lucrece
Geb Brown… Tarquinius
Bjorn Whitney… Collatine
Ben Symons… Trent
Laura Steele… Mia
Lily Cohen… Tina
Aimee Decker… Narrator
Christine Lange… Narrator
Maddy Noonan… Narrator


Director… Jennifer Crooks
Playwright… Stacy D. Flood
Stage Manager… Rebecca Morrissey
Assistant Director… Matt Sherrill
Production Manager… Christina Berger
Production Manager… Asa Fager
Violence Choreographer… Sarah Beeson
Costume Designer … Corinne Magin
Lighting Design… Mary Heffernan
Video Design… Brittany Hammer
Sound Design… David Gordon
Set Design… Brandon Estrella


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