An Open Letter to Myself

Hello Geb,

You’ve lapsed, as a runner, a fitness aficionado and as a blogger. 2015 has been your least consistent year on the road and at the gym since you decided to run marathons in 2010. You’ve become substantially slower, substantially heavier and substantially weaker. You didn’t make fitness a priority this year and that is absolutely okay, it’s not optimum, but it’s okay.  It’s time to get back on the wagon and to do that, you need a goal and a plan.

Let’s start with your goal. The goal is the same goal you’ve had for a while, qualify for the Boston Marathon! To BQ for 2017 you need to run a sub 3:05 marathon by mid September 2016. That gives you almost a year to get there and I think that’s totally doable if you work hard. You cut 50 minutes off your Marathon time in a month back in Spring 2013! You can do amazing things when you put your mind and will to it, and make a plan.

Right now we’re just going for the rough outline of the plan, you can fill in the details over the upcoming days and weeks. Step one is going to become a consistent runner again. Same goes for the gym, regular strength training is important for staying injury free.  Getting back to an average of 5-7 days a week of running and 2-3 days of lifting is key. Step 2 is building up your mileage again, you should be in a base building phase until marathon season in March, build your way up to 100 miles a week by the Yakima River Canyon Marathon.  It’s not going to be easy, but things that are worthwhile rarely are.

During this time frame you also need to drop some of the extra weight you’ve gained as of late, but if you take your main goal to heart and focus on your plan that should just come easy. I believe in you, and you will succeed, just hold yourself accountable and work your butt off (figuratively, because Alysha says you have more or less no butt).




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