The Return of The Week in Review: 9/15-9/21

Blogging hasn’t exactly been on the top of my priority list lately, but I’ve decided to get back at it.  If I’m going coach people on how to run, I should be public and open with my training so people can learn from my successes and failures. I’ll be trying to post at least twice a week again going forward, one post on the previous week’s training and one post of some inspiration. After the break I’ll go into last week’s training

Although Daily Mile and other tracking sites treat Monday as the first day of the week, my Training Plan (loosely based off of Hal Higdon’s Advanced 2) is Sunday-Saturday due to my long run usually falling on Saturday instead of Sunday.  My plan for the week (week 8 of 18 working towards the Seattle Marathon Dec 1) was:

  • Sunday: Easy 9 Miles AM/Upper Body Lifts PM
  • Monday: 50 minute tempo run AM/Lower Body Lifts PM
  • Tuesday: Easy 9 Miles/Upper Body Lifts PM
  • Wednesday: 5 mile Race Pace Run/Lower Body Lifts PM
  • Thursday: Long Run (18-20 Miles) due to family obligations on Saturday
  • Friday: Easy 9 Miles
  • Saturday: Easy 9 Miles

Now the real week wound up quite differently:

  • Sunday: Exactly as planned, I did my 9 miles along the Ship Canal and Elliot Bay Trails just before a major downpour and thunderstorm here in Seattle.  I’m glad it timed out how it did because I do not recommend running during a thunderstorm.
  • Monday: I woke up not feeling 100% (I’d been in rehearsal for a play and there’d been a cold going around the cast) so procrastinated in bed for an hour before finally getting up and doing a short easy 5.5 miles (I’ve had a streak going since late July… I wasn’t going to miss a day!) In the evening I did my lower body weight training.
  • Tuesday: Still fighting off that cold so stayed in bed long, and wound up doing an easy 4.5, but come lunch time I felt great so I did another run!  I ran from my office and did an easy 2.6 (while reading a book on my Kindle… I’m a little nuts that way when I run at lunch).  In the evening I did my upper body lifts.
  • Wednesday: 5 Mile race pace run went off (mostly) as planned! Originally I wanted to do the 5 miles at ~7’00″/mi followed by 4 easy miles, but I slept in a little so only did 2 easy miles after the race pace 5. But I followed that up with another lunch run! 3 miles Kindle in hand.
  • Thursday:  Great day for a long run, not too hot, not too cold! I love this route, it’s very scenic and I get to see some of my favorite parts of town. Halfway through mile 4 in Ballard I caught my toe on an uneven sidewalk and tripped, luckily nothing hurt too bad and I was able to get right back up and keep on trucking. 
  • Friday: Did an easy 7 miler, got up too late to do 9.
  • Saturday: What was originally planned as an easy run became my 2nd workout run for the week, did 50 minutes at around 6’50″/mile and then a mile an a half to cool off.

Even though it didn’t remotely resemble how I intended the week to work out, all the important pieces were there: I got both speedwork days in (if out-of-order), got my long run in and extended  my streak to 64 days with at least 2 miles run, and I got 1 day of each strength training session.  In total I ran 67.88 miles over just under 9 hours with an average pace of 7’54″/ mile. 

Hopefully this post was informative and interesting, I’d love some comments to know how I can make these Week in Review posts helpful for people, or to just let me know how your week in running went!  Running is my passion and I want to spread the love!


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