Week in Review (7/15-7/21)


As I promised yesterday, I’m getting back on track with the Week in Review posts today.  I think they’re one of the best ways I have for publicly holding myself accountable to my goal.   Since I was coming off such an inconsistent period with the last 2 months I didn’t want to just rocket back up to 70 and exhaust myself, so I set a goal of 5 days and 50 miles with hopefully one or two 2-a-days.

Now for this week:


Run 1: 8.38 miles in 1:11, a reasonable Sunday morning run followed by about 30 minutes of upper body lifts.

Run 2 Rest: Alysha and I got dressed for my run/the gym and then promptly fell asleep after we got home from the Henry VIII matinée. By the time we got up it was just too late to get a run in, and we were ridiculously tired anyhow.


Morning Evening Run: I slept in again, but I wasn’t going to let this week be another false restart, so I did my workout in the evening 9.39 miles in 1:13. I ran 5×800 intervals at about a 6’30” pace in the middle, would’ve liked to have been faster but it was pushing 80 degrees and didn’t want to burn out.


Run 1: Slow 8.37 Miles, took 1:14, my legs were a little stiff from having a full on workout run less than 12 hours before, but it felt good to be up early.

Run 2: 5.98 miles in 50 minutes, easy run at Greenlake. I love running at Greenlake this time of year, seeing all the people out there challenging themselves. From the obese lady pushing her also-obese bulldog in a weird stroller thing, to the High School runners getting in some summer workouts, it’s inspiring.


Run Rest: Slept in and had plans to see a play that night, figured my body needed the rest so didn’t sweat it , I’d accounted for 1 extra day of rest and this was when I needed it.


Rest: Usual rest day walk to the Seattle Waterfront (4 miles more or less)


Treadmill Dreadmill Run: I am not a fan of running on the treadmill, but I didn’t have much of a choice, there was a thunderstorm going when I got out of bed.   I schlepped myself over to the gym and did my tempo run on the treadmill 10 minute warmup, 35 minutes at 6’45” and then a 10 minute cooldown.  Treadmill work feels harder than outdoor work, but I’m betting it’s just that I’m not enjoying myself as much.


Long Run: 14.48 miles in 2:05, certainly not my best long run, but I was happy to get miles in.  I had a callback  early (9 am) and a matinée show (2 pm call) so I was expecting to only have time for 10 miles, but I got done with the callback well before I expected to (Expected to be done 11:30 and got done at 10:30) so I got some extra miles in.  I think i may need to buy a new hydration belt soon for summer training, the one   24 oz bottle just doesn’t keep me hydrated enough on long runs in 70+ degree heat.

Over all this week was great, I met my goal of running at least 6 runs in 5 days, and I beat my goal mileage at 54.21 miles. I averaged a pace of 7.2 mph which is a bit slower than I’d prefer, but it was hot, and I was coming off of the rough patch.  This week I’m aiming to run 60+ miles with at least 7 runs in 6 days (Slightly busy week doesn’t leave time for more than one 2-a-day).  I want to get back to 70 asap so I can get the most out of the 75 days I have left before the Portland Marathon.



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