Missed Weeks in Review (in Review)

Well, well:  it’s been 2 months since the previous Week in Review post.  I got busy with GreenStage rehearsals –

Interrupting Shameless Self Promotion: If you’re in Seattle or the nearby environs, come see me and many talented others including Alysha in Henry VIIIfor free! Now back to the post at hand-

, my willpower went out the window and I had 7 weeks of sporadic running.  Because I want folks to hold me accountable, prepare for an info-dump after the break:

5/20-5/26: Last week before things went wonky, I got 79 miles and all my speed work in and set a new PR for 1 week distance.

5/27-6/2: 20 Miles… I ran Sunday and Wednesday, and just couldn’t get up in the morning all the rest of the week. No speedwork, no long run.

6/3-6/9: 42 miles, still struggled to get up in the morning, but was feeling a little better, and my mileage showed it.

6/10-6/16: 20 again, back to just feeling drained and exhausted and eating horribly.

6/17-6/23: 73 miles, I shouldn’t have just jumped back up, It was nearly a month after I’d last ran remotely that far and it was just too much, because the next week:

6/24-6/30: 24 miles, no speedwork, no long run…same lack of energy as early June, just couldn’t get up all week.

7/1-7/7: 39 miles

7/8-7/14: 26 mile

Which brings us to last week.  Last week went great! Although I’ve lost some speed and stamina (and gained a couple of pounds)  from the 7 week rough patch, it is only a speed bump.  I’m back in gear after last week and I still have 76 days before Portland.  76 days of hard work to make sure I reach my goal of qualifying for Boston! I’ve made a conscious decision not to audition for any fall shows so that I have the time to devote to training for Portland and  finding (and potentially completing) an internship to complete my Personal Trainer Certification.

I thought about finishing this post with an analysis of why I lost will power for that chunk of time, why I had trouble getting up in the morning, but the fact is it doesn’t matter.  I’m sure I had valid reasons excuses, but when it comes down to it it’s a short hiccup in long-term training and not worth over-thinking.  What matters is that I’ve recommitted myself to achieving my goals and nothing (not even myself) is going to stop me!


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