And Now Back to your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Wow, I’ve been busy the last 6 weeks or so and blogging went out the window, along with most of my training since Memorial Day. Between my W.I.T.S. certification class in May and early June and the rehearsal process for Henry VIII  (4 hours, 6 days a week) I let my excuses get in the way of my goals.

This week that changes. I’m not jumping back into 4 2-a-days a week because going from 20-35 miles a week back to 70+ miles in one week is a recipe for failure.  So far I’ve got 8 miles Sunday, 9 miles Monday (containing a 5×800 workout), and a 2-a-day today (8 in the morning and 6 tonight).  My speed has suffered by not sticking to my workout schedule, but I’ve still got 11 weeks before Portland, and I think I can still pull off the BQ but I’m going to have to work hard. Good thing is, I love a challenge!


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