Week in Review (5/13-5/19)

After an unintentional hiatus, I’m back blogging with a week in review! The week I missed blogging (5/6-5/12) I didn’t do so well, I may have pushed too hard to break 75 the previous week and my body just decided not to co-operate. I just could not get up in the morning to get out the door.  I wound up missing 2 planned runs (Wednesday and Friday morning) and cutting one short (Saturday’s long run).  I ended that week with a total of 59.99 miles, which really isn’t that bad all things considered, but I beat myself up a bit about it.

Now for this week:


Run 1: 8.27 miles in 1 hour 6 minutes, just an easy Sunday morning run followed by some upper body lifts, I was a little slow but well within “Easy Run” training range from the McMillan Running Calculator (one of my favorite training tools by the way)

Run 2: 5.87 Miles in 48 minutes, slow evening run on a full stomach… only ate dinner (and it was a big one) about 1/2 an hour before and I paid for it, it just didn’t feel good at all and I had some stomach/intestinal issues on this run, but I got it done.


Rest: Slept in and missed my morning run, and had plans in the evening that were already going to prevent me running then.


Run 1: 9.4 miles in 1:11, Got up late again but got out the door, decided I was going to try to make up some of the mileage missed on Monday so went for longer than my usual easy morning

Run 2: 6.38 miles in 50 minutes,  great evening run, nothing special to report.


Run 1:  Workout! 9.31 miles in 1:07, Had a 1.5 mile warmup and then did a sort of pyramid of intervals with 400m recovery on the way up and 800m recovery on the way down. 800-1 Mile -2 mile- 1 mile- 800.  Managed to mostly keep up a sub 6’20” pace on the intervals, but the up hill on the last 2 segments slowed me down to around 7’00” on those (I usually hit that hill at around 8’00” so no shame)

Run 2: 6.22 miles in 47 minutes,  I was ecstatic that I’d brought my running clothes with me to work, because traffic for going home was hellish! I went to Green Lake and ran 2 laps (plus a little extra) around the lake.  It’s relatively flat compared to my neighborhood so I had to go faster than I tend to go on these evening runs to keep my heart rate up.


Rest: Usual rest day walk to the Seattle Waterfront (4 miles more or less)


Run: Pace Run!! 9.53 miles in 1:09, 10 minutes of warmup, 50 minutes at just below 7 average (slowed down near the end, another uncooperative stomach day) and then 9 minutes of cooldown.


Run: 16.19 miles in 2:11, Awesome nice long run to end the week.  I’ll be so glad when the WITS Personal Training class I’m taking finishes just so I can get back to having longer long runs, I love being out on the road enjoying the beauty of this city!

So over all this week I ran 70.54 miles, over 5 days of running, with an average pace of 7’42”.   Not a perfect week by any means, but by Saturday I was feeling like my body was finally getting back in gear after 2 rough weeks. This week my goal is to not miss a scheduled day and get in at least 3 (if not 4) 2 a days.  Hopefully I’ll also get back to having lower body/abs strength training sessions at the gym this week.  The early mornings are hard but I know they’re worth it, having a strong core and strong legs means less risk of injury, and I want to continue running at this level (and higher) for a long time to come.


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