Week in Review (4/22-4/28)

Well, It’s been a week since I last wrote anything, that’s not good.  I know sometimes the writing juices just don’t flow though, and it’s a new week now.  At least I’m keeping my word and getting a week in review posted:

My body was a bit uncooperative this week, I may have pushed too hard coming out of Yakima.  My goal was to break 70 miles this week, but I wasn’t able to pull it off.  That’s okay though, I listened to my (uncooperative) body and I think I got the extra rest I needed so that this week I can reach that goal.


Run 1: 7.4 miles in 59 minutes followed by an upper body session at the Gym, felt tight to start, but I was coming off 19 the day before so I wasn’t concerned.

Run 2: 5.12 miles in 43 minutes and boy did I mess up!  I wanted to try running a route that I hadn’t run before so I ran down the hill to the Washington Park Arboretum (beautiful trails through the woods/gardens) but I didn’t think about the hills coming home.  Wound up going through Interlaken Park (more beautiful trails through the woods, but with a steep steep hill) and really wiped myself by the end of the run.  If I’m going for a “easy run” I need to go light on the hills.


Run 1: Workout! 7.3 miles total, 54 minutes, 1.5 mile warm up, 8×400 intervals at the track with a 6’00” mile pace for the 400s and then a 1.5 mile cooldown run to the gym for lower body lifts.

Run 2: 4.94 miles in 41 minutes, slow easy evening run, it was beautiful out, providing more affirmation that I should go sans-iPod on these 2nd runs.


Rest: I slept in, and things just didn’t feel quite right so I just let today be a day off.  I hate full on rest days, but I think my body needed it.


Run 1:  Workout! 7.25 miles in 53 minutes. The rest really paid off.  Thanks to having fresh legs,  I did a 1.5 mile warm up, 3xMile intervals (Mile at 6’15”, Quarter mile recovery, repeat) and then 2 miles of cooldown.

Run 2: 5.19 in 43 minutes.  Nice evening run, nothing special.


Rest: Went for a nice long morning walk (4 miles or so) down to Seattle’s Waterfront, but that’s about it as activity goes.


Run: Nice tempo workout despite sleeping in a bit. 9.21 miles in 1:05, 12.5 minute warm up, 40 minutes at <6’45” pace, and then another 12.5 minute cooldown. Wanted to have 15 minutes warm and cooldown but I was trying to shave time where I could since I was running late.  Was drowsy, but I felt strong.


Run: 15.73 miles in 2:09.  Had trouble getting out of bed, but overall it wasn’t a bad run.  I kept it slow, got home and had a nice ice bath.

So over all this week I ran 62.14 miles, over 5 days of running, with an average pace of 7’52”.  Not what I was shooting for, but not bad.  I’m going to count this as my ease off week and hopefully get 70 this week (although I slept in today, and I’m gonna have to do my workout run tonight, fitting in 3×800 at <6’15” during a 10 miler, I’ll get lots of warm up and cooldown).   What do you folks think, does it seem like I’m pushing too much? I guess my body will be the judge this week.



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