Last Week in Review (04/15-4/21)

I’m going to try to start out Monday each week with a review of my last week of training.  It’s a bit late in the day, but I don’t want to put it off until next week, so here goes nothing.

This week really kicked my butt! I’m still in the process of recovering/ reverse tapering from the Yakima River Canyon Marathon, and also still adapting to running 2 times a day 3 or 4 days a week.


Run 1: 6.84 Miles in 53 minutes, followed by an hour of upper body lifts

Run 2:  4.27 miles in 34 min


Run 1:  Speedwork: 1.5 mile warmup, 6×400 intervals at 6 minute mile pace, 1.5 mile cooldown, 6.28 mi total in 47 minutes:  followed by lower body lifts.

Run 2:  3.17 miles in 24 minutes on my lunch at work… I’ll probably forgo 2nd runs on days when I can’t fit them in after work, not enough time to recover from the earlier run.


Run 1: 7.11 in 54 minutes,  I probably should’ve paced a bit slower, but I didn’t have my watch so I wasn’t checking in on my pace as often using my phone. Followed by upper body lifts.

Run 2: 4.03 in 32 minutes.


Run: 3.42 miles in 22 minutes. Was supposed to do 7 mile with 3Xmi intervals in the middle at 6’30” followed by lower body lifting, but I slept in and had to sneak in a fast run at lunch.


Rest!  It was a beautiful morning so I wound up going for a 4 mile walk to the Seattle Waterfront and back.


Run: 9.97 miles in 1:13, 2 miles warmup,  35 minutes at 6’45” and then 3 miles or so cooldown.


Long Run Day! I’m currently taking a personal training class so I had to fit my run in before the class. I got up at 6:30 and pounded out 19.32 miles in 2:37.  Not my best long run, mainly due to not getting home and to bed until 1:30 or so.  Followed it with a nice 20 minute icebath before class.

I’m loving the 2-a-days! The evenings in Seattle this time of year are absolutely spectacular and it’s wonderful to just listen to the sound of my feet, my breath and the world around me on those second runs when the city is alive! Looking at this week in total I think I may have reverse tapered a bit too fast.  I ran Yakima on 3/31, 26 miles between 4/1 and 4/7, 57 the next week and wound up at about 64 this week.  I’m not experiencing any strange pains and everything is feeling pretty strong (maybe not quite 100% yet, but getting there) so I’m not going to worry unless something feels weak or off.

This next week involves another bump up in mileage, before a much deserved (relatively) easy week next week.  I’m planning on breaking the 70 mark this week if everything goes well.  I just have to make sure I sleep enough,  because lack of sleep can screw with my plans as it did Wednesday last week.


4 responses to “Last Week in Review (04/15-4/21)

  1. Wow — that’s some seriously impressive training! I’m amazed by those 2-a-days.

  2. The weekly round up is a good idea. It’s interesting to read about your training.

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