Yay Washington State! Boo Bigotry!

Just sharing a bit of important info for my fellow Washington State residents.

If you support gay marriage rights,Do not sign any Gay Marraige related Referendum or Initiative!

1) Do not sign Referendum 74.

If R74 fails to get enough signatures, then the legislation as signed by the Governor will become law. However, if R74 does get enough signatures, then there will be a statewide vote as a part of the November ballot to see if the legislation can become law.

In addition, do not sign Initiative 1192.

I-1192 attempts to define marriage as being between one man and one woman. So shut that shit down.

Part 2:

Unfortunately, it is very likely that enough signatures will be gathered, and Referendum 74 (and proably I-1192 as well) will end up on the ballot. This is the tricky part though; because of the way the Referendum is worded, proponents of gay marriage must vote YES on R74.

In Addition:

I-1192 is not worded in that way, so proponents of gay marriage must vote NO on I-1192.

In Short:

If you support gay marriage:

Don’t sign Referendum 74 or Initiative 1192

But if they make it to the ballot:

VOTE YES on Referendum 74

And VOTE NO on Initiative 1192
Reference: Washington voters may have to vote ‘yes’ and ‘no’ on gay marriage


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