The Joy of Running!

So, I’ve again failed to blog about how my training for the Yakima River Canyon Marathon is going, but that’s going to change! I’ve got a longer post coming soon talking about my training plan and the ups and downs, but for now just a quick story from today:

So, I slept in today, and that’s problematic.  I had a 9 mile race pace (7 min/mile)  run scheduled for this morning, and I’ve got a 19 mile training run on the books for tomorrow so a 9 miler tonight isn’t the greatest idea. Plus, Alysha and I are seeing a show so there’s not really enough time for a 1 hour + run.  So knowing I have to cut my run tonight short I spontaneously decided to start running during my lunchtime walk.  I ran my 2 miles in about 15 minutes in jeans, a t-shirt and Chuck Taylors while reading Born To Run on my Kindle and it was freaking awesome! I was just filled with the joy of running.  I probably looked like a maniac considering what I was wearing but I didn’t care,  it was a beautiful day and I couldn’t care less about image, I just wanted to run forever.  I was hooting and hollering, ready to face the rest of the day when I got back to the office (instead of morbidly annoyed that I had to continue work).  Heck,  I even think the complete lack of cushioning from the Chucks forced me to run with better form.
It’s almost time to head home from work and I’m excited to fit in a 5 mile tempo run tonight, faster than my marathon pace (hopefully), and then I can make up the other 2 miles next week!


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