Riding The Bull

graphic design by Carolynne Wilcox

Time for a little Shameless Self Promotion™!

My latest project opens next Friday 7/22! More info after the break:

The West Coast premiere of August Schulenberg’s Riding the Bull, the second original work produced by New Amerikan Theatre (following last fall’s Stings Like Acid) & directed by Richard Buckley, is a darkly funny, disturbing tale about love, faith, prophetic sex and Elvis that will most likely offend everyone!

Sweetly compelling as much as disturbing & offensive, this Texas tale of a fat rancher (Jen Smith Anderson) and a skinny rodeo clown (Geb Brown) find themselves on a spiritual journey of epic proportions as they ride the “bull” of luck, love and reversal of fortune.

Riding the Bull plays Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm in the UpStage (4035 Stone Way North, 98103) from July 22nd – August 13th. Tickets are $15 for general admission, $12 for TPS members.

photo credit: Armen Stein

More information can be found at new-amerikantheatre.weebly.com or by emailing new.amerikantheatre@gmail.com. Ride the bull with us…the power of Elvis compels you!

Majority of content originally from  New Amerikan Theatre

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