June in Review; Goals for July

Golden Gardens (Photo by Joe Mabel)

Well well well, it seems someone has a problem with consistently updating their blogs.   I get busy and these are the first things that go into the “I’ll do this later” box.   Luckily running is not getting put in that box and June was an awesome month for my running!  Stats and commentary after the break:

After a disappointing May (I ran for 14.5 hours  over 16 workouts, covering 114.07 miles for an average pace of 7’35” a mile,  not bad by any means but not what I wanted) thanks to a bout of illness,  I really wanted to challenge myself in June.  So I set out to increase my average distance by 5-10% a week, and be more consistent in my runs.   Consistency in getting out on my week day runs has been a big problem for me the last few months, so I was a little afraid that I wouldn’t succeed on the second goal.  Thankfully that fear was unfounded.

Without further ado, the June numbers:

I ran for 29 Hours and covered 233.15 Miles over 25 Workouts for an average pace of 7’29” per mile.  I passed each goal with flying colors and moved at a faster pace to boot!

Goal 1:

My average workout in May was 7.13 Miles and my average June workout was 9.33 Miles an increase of  30%, or approximately 6% a week.

Goal 2:

Optimally I’d be running everyday but Sunday, and there were 4 Sundays in June.  I missed only 1 run in June,  considering I missed 10 in May I’d say this is a rousing success.

After such a great June I’m ready to push myself some more in July.  2 goals for July: 1. Keep up the consistency, and 2. Get faster. Speed will in fact be the theme of my whole summer training regimen.  In order to qualify for the Boston Marathon I’ll need to finish the Portland Marathon in 3hrs 10min or less. That’s an average pace of 7’15”  per mile. I’ve got 3 months to drop 15 seconds off my average pace, that seems like quite a bit to do, but with commitment, I’m confident I can pull it off.



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