Friday Funnies 6/3/2011: Badly Translated TV

I’m starting a new series here on my blog… It’s the Friday Funnies!  Every time we hit the day where “Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday” and  “Tomorrow is Saturday/And Sunday comes after … wards ” I’m going to post something that makes me giggle.  (Sorry for the traumatizing use of the horror that is Rebecca Black, I just couldn’t resist) Today’s laugh comes after the break.

Have you ever heard of the site Bad Translator? It takes a piece of text and runs it through Google Translator many times,  from English to Afrikaans then back to English and then to Albanian and back to English… all the way through Yiddish (apparently Zulu language hasn’t been programmed yet) . Well I decided to plug the lyrics of a popular TV Theme Song from the 90’s into it and see what came out.  I leave it up to you to determine which show it is.

First I plugged it in 1 whole verse at a time and it came out like this:

I always feel that Prince is in the air a bit about inflation
Philadelphia, West Park is a beautiful child in every school.
Meeting of the problem I think is a bad mother said. “This is my uncle and Bella – Paradise”
Rain or tumor type ‘new’ car – do not forget to sign the driver to reach the people in your home.
7-8 years has grown into a house, Cardinal is! ” Last white – Prince Kisses.

It took a song with 4 verses and transformed it into 5 lines of Dadaist poetry.  This made me wonder if it’d be more comprehensible translating one line at a time…

It changed my life.
Me, Air Chief Inflatable tell you something.

Uesutofiraderufia born and bred.
True, you can take a long time.
Cheap entertainment
Prom night.
Failure to do so.
Guerra, parents Kohring.
My aunt and uncle I said beyereyer.

News and cab, but
No doubt, he said. Reflection database brother.
The explanation that anyone can read.
Note that tumor wind.

We are the home for seven days.
The driver shouted: “Behold, I am not afraid of my house.”
In addition, Swedish, please.
Prince – easy – Air

Still notsomuch on the comprehensibility, but it increased the awesomeness to a whole new level.  My favorite piece being “The driver shouted:”Behold, I am not afraid of my house.” ” So now I leave it up to you dear reader (other than the lovely Alysha for whom I’ve already performed these [and more] as  strange spoken word) to guess what the song of origin is.  Comment here, or on the Facebook.


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