I’ve had a problem my whole life with seeing difficult things through. In my youth I got used to achieving with ease, never really having to put a whole lot of effort.  As time went on I’d always wind up putting in the minimum level of effort necessary to get the result.  I was never willing to truly challenge myself… learning, acting, social life, I’d never take real risks.  Last week I took the first step towards changing that. I finally signed up for my first Marathon! I’ve been near perpetually training for a marathon since 2007 or so as most who would be following my blog already know, but I’ve always made excuses to not actually sign up, and fallen back on my goal. This time I decided I’d get rid of that out and sign up with months to go. On October 9, 2011 I will run the 2011 Portland Marathon and I will have a time under 3:10 so that I can qualify for the 2013 (yes you have to qualify nearly 2 years before the race) Boston Marathon.  I’m  so excited to give myself this challenge, and I’m even more excited to meet the challenge.  I’m going to be posting to this blog a minimum of weekly over this training period, updating my progress, and planning for the next big challenge… The IRONMAN!


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