Brittany the Vampire Slayer??

Britney The Vampire Slayer
So the internet rumor mill is abuzz with the idea the Heather Morris (Glee‘s Brittany) is in the running to play the titualar character in the Joss Whedon-less Buffy the Vampire Slayerreboot.  Is this good, bad or inspired casting?  My first reaction was “Bad Idea! This is not going to lead to hugs and puppies!” But the more I think about it, the more I think this could actually wind up being inspired casting if it goes through. Here’s a few reasons why:  

1.  Ms. Morris is a master of the witty (or strange) one liner on Glee. Even in the 1992 film of Buffy, where Joss Whedon’s script had been beaten to a pulp, this was a key part of Buffy’s personality (“Right. I’m the chosen one. And I choose to be shopping.” for example [IMDB])

2. She’s known as the stereotypical cheerleader with her character on Glee. Buffy started outjust the same. By the time we see her in the TV show, the events at Hemery High (as they happened in Joss’s script, not the actual film)have changed her,  but she started there.  If we’re doing a reboot, watching someone the audience inherantly identifies as a vapid blonde grow into her Slayer shoes (okay, her Slayer Boots probably) is the best place to start.

3.  (This one is entirely subjective) I really like her work. She’s managed to add depth to Brittany this year, without getting rid of the one-liner value, or the unique weirdness of the character.  I think she may do some really interesting things with the character, and if I’m getting an unneeded reboot of Buffy, it better be done well.

Update:Rumor was heavily debunked yesterday… but I’m leaving the post up because I think she’d be a good choice.


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