Tis the Season… for Terror!!!

So, the last few years I’ve had an idea for a Don LaFontaine style (“In A World…”) trailer for a highly violent Christmas movie. In the spirit of doing things and not just talking about doing them, I present the (very) rough cut of the trailer audio for Wes Craven’s Santa Claus (Claws?)

I’d love to actually make a trailer project out of it, but I don’t know where to start with video editing currently. If you do know where to start, and want to help me get this done, leave a comment here or on the link on Facebook. Regardless, I would love any feedback I can get, good, bad, or “Oh my God, why did you create this abomination!” Also, If you’re a disturbed individual and want to have you’re very own copy of the audio I’ve included a link below the break.

Santa Audio


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