Weight Loss Battle Royale (With Cheese!)

A few of my friends have decided we want to lose weight.  It’s not that any of us are obese, or even unhealthily overweight, we’re just not happy with the state of our beer bellies. We decided that the best way to reach our collective goals would be a little friendly competition.  The details are after the break:

The players:

The Rules:

1. Before photos – these photos must be up on our blogs by Monday, Dec. 20th

2. Weekly update posting – will most likely include workout schedule and diets.  Trials and tribulations and the like.

3. Competition ends March 1st

4. After photos – these photos are up on the sites March 1st

5. Most weight lost between now and then wins

The Goal:

Lose weight and bring our sexy back.

Wish us luck!


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