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Brittany the Vampire Slayer??

Britney The Vampire Slayer
So the internet rumor mill is abuzz with the idea the Heather Morris (Glee‘s Brittany) is in the running to play the titualar character in the Joss Whedon-less Buffy the Vampire Slayerreboot.  Is this good, bad or inspired casting?  My first reaction was “Bad Idea! This is not going to lead to hugs and puppies!” But the more I think about it, the more I think this could actually wind up being inspired casting if it goes through. Here’s a few reasons why:   Continue reading


Tis the Season… for Terror!!!

So, the last few years I’ve had an idea for a Don LaFontaine style (“In A World…”) trailer for a highly violent Christmas movie. In the spirit of doing things and not just talking about doing them, I present the (very) rough cut of the trailer audio for Wes Craven’s Santa Claus (Claws?)

I’d love to actually make a trailer project out of it, but I don’t know where to start with video editing currently. If you do know where to start, and want to help me get this done, leave a comment here or on the link on Facebook. Regardless, I would love any feedback I can get, good, bad, or “Oh my God, why did you create this abomination!” Also, If you’re a disturbed individual and want to have you’re very own copy of the audio I’ve included a link below the break.

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And So it Begins…

Well here goes nothing! As of yesterday I am at 203 pounds, 23lbs from my goal. This is going to be interesting to say the least, since we’re starting this adventure before one of the biggest eating days of the year. Luckily, having done it before I know it can be done. Continue reading

Weight Loss Battle Royale (With Cheese!)

A few of my friends have decided we want to lose weight.  It’s not that any of us are obese, or even unhealthily overweight, we’re just not happy with the state of our beer bellies. We decided that the best way to reach our collective goals would be a little friendly competition.  The details are after the break: Continue reading