Weekend Fun

Rockstar Geb courtesy of Jess

Now “personal” posts are going to be a rarity on here.  Generally I’m not going to talk about life because I don’t find day-to-day life to be a compelling thing to write about.  That said, being an actor my emotional life is fairly close to the surface and sometimes I can’t help but share.Now I realize the pre-break text might lead people think that I’m not doing so well, or feeling funky, but nothing could be further from the truth.  This weekend was filled with joy and ass-kickery (a very technical term, although no pack animals were injured in the making of this story). Friday Night involved Electric Ice Tea at La Cochina on Broadway with a bunch of folks who’d gone to Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, which I missed out on due to the evils of Seattle traffic.  Lots of good conversation, but nothing Earth shattering.

Saturday started with a run.  I’m in the middle of training for a marathon. Which one? I don’t actually know at this point.  Hopefully Boston eventually.  But I digress, there was a little problem with my run, I slept in and didn’t get going until 11, and it was already 80 or so by that point and I had 15 miles to go.  I pushed through, had some extra water as I ran, and took it very slow relative to the 7 minute mile goal that I  shoot for on these long runs. The key thing is I finished and earned myself a great afternoon and evening.

Saturday afternoon is when the awesome began.  I met up with John and Jess for some Old School Frozen Custard one of my favorite Capitol Hill dessert places.  Everyday they offer up Vanilla and Chocolate, but they have a different 3rd flavor every day, Saturday’s was Orange Cream-sickle.  I had to go with the special flavor. It was creamy, rich and flavorful.  There’s something textural about frozen custard that is hard to put your finger on, but makes it so distinct from soft serve Ice Cream.  Although I didn’t consciously notice any egg yolk flavor from the custard, I’m sure it contributed to the rich orange cream flavor of the custard on my fresh made waffle cone.

We proceeded over to my apartment to use my new barbecue.  Not much to say about it other than the following equation:

Roasted Corn + Salmon Burgers + Wine = Win

Psychadelic Elvis Courtesy of Lara

And then it was time for the crowning adventure of the weekend, Karaoke at Tarasco’s in Ballard for Lara’s birthday.  We hopped a bus to Ballard and were treated to an awesome coincidence, my friend Kelsey was there due to sheer Kismet.  Got to catch up with an old friend, celebrate a friends birth, meet some fun new folks and, as is required at karaoke, give away a small bit of my dignity for the sake of the microphone. I started off with some Elvis at the B-day gal’s request.  It was the most ridiculously fast version of Blue Suede Shoes I’ve ever done, I kinda felt like Elvis on speed, but it was a great fun performing with that old school microphone in the picture.

Shatner Mode courtesy of Jess

There was sheer awesomeness on everyones part, Kelsey’s boyfriend Rudy can sing the Beatles like no other, Jess is a frakking rock star, and I got to follow up the Elvis with my absurd half William Shatner, half Elton John Rocket Man.

We didn’t get back to Capitol Hill until 3am or so and I had a mostly vegetative Sunday where I watched quite a bit of TV (Which I may recap some of tomorrow, because the SyFy Channel’s hour long  dramodey Eureka has become an actually interesting and poignant show) .  I did manage to get off my rear end to try out the 5:30pm mass at St. Joseph’s Parish.  I didn’t realize how much not getting to mass lately had been weighing on me, but the moment I stepped in that door I felt the peace that I usually only feel at church, it was a sublime way to end a sublimely fun weekend.


2 responses to “Weekend Fun

  1. Geb, you are cool. Fun to have a window into your world. love you xoxo

    • Thanks Celisa, It’s nice to be getting my ideas out in writing again. I’m a little crazily eclectic in what I blog about so far but I’m sure a pattern will emerge. Love you too

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