Sharks Have Officially Jumped the Shark (Or is it Nuked The Fridge now?)

It’s another day of posting filler because it’s too freaking hot to write.  Rather than any actual thoughts out of my mind I present you with 2 Awesomely bad Science Fiction Shark related trailers. I was originally exposed to both on Io9 but I feel the urge to share them with everyone out there.

First I present you with the SyFy Channel Original Sharktopus

That’s right, Eric Roberts continues his streak of playing awesomely bad villains in Sharktopus, airing, in all its Roger Corman produced glory, September 25th on The Network Formerly Known as The Sci-Fi Channel.

Now for your second dose of cheesy shark, we are serving up Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws because apparently there was a Ghost Shark 1 and it warranted a sequel.

Mad Fox Films presents GHOST SHARK 2: URBAN JAWS

When Ghost Shark escapes from his extradimensional prison to terrorize Auckland, Mayor Broody calls in an expert ghost shark hunter to protect the citizens and finally defeat the creature. This first release from Mad Fox Films is a horror/action/drama spectacular, shot on location in Auckland and Christchurch, New Zealand, by award-winning directors Andrew Todd and Johnny Hall.

And now, without further adieu the trailer to Ghost Shark 2

I don’t think any more can be said about this other than…


Now I was going to just leave it at that with these 2 trailers, but the absolute (mostly intentional) ridiculousness of the above reminded me of the ultimate low point in Shark Related Film-making.  Now some of you may have to ask: What was this low point? The Jaws/Jurassic Park mashup Deep Blue Sea?  The Candy Gram Sketch? Neither of these did a whole lot for the oeuvre of Shark film, but they just can’t compare to the movie that brought about Shark Related Film’s Waterloo.

I’m of course referring to Jaws: The Revenge. In this film, the 4th movie of the Jaws series, another shark, perhaps the original Jaws’ mother (brother, best friend, bookie, who knows?) Follows Ellen Brody and her now fully grown children to the Bahamas to take revenge for the killing of Jaws-Prime.  That’s right, the shark isn’t a mindless killing machine anymore, its a vengeful swimming serial killer!  The ending of this movie is so absolutely terrible, that it must be shared.


Goodnight everybody!


2 responses to “Sharks Have Officially Jumped the Shark (Or is it Nuked The Fridge now?)

  1. Re: Jaws: The Revenge… Why does the guy firing the gun appear to be from a completely different movie than everything else? I mean, the whole thing’s risible, but they’re not even *trying*!

    • If I remember right from seeing the movie originally, those moments are Mrs. Brody flashing back to a moment in the original Jaws that she wasn’t even involved in.

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