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Gay Marriage: A Matter of Social Justice

Recently I haven’t been much of a good Catholic, until this weekend I hadn’t been to mass in well over a month. As usual the Gospel and the homily were totally relevant to things on my mind. Last week I posted my feelings on gay marriage and said essentially that the churches need to realize that civil marriage and Sacramental marriage are 2 distinct things that share a name, and they should stay out of the Prop 8 fight. I was wrong to say that. The homily reminded me of a key part of Catholic teaching that says to me that the Church and its members should be in the battle, but on the opposite side from where the majority of them have been standing. Continue reading


Wondering About Recaps; or I’m Liking Summer on Syfy

So… I’m trying to decide if doing TV recaps for shows that interest me is worth the time. I’m worried that once I do one,  my inner armchair critic will go overboard because I tend to analyze my entertainment a lot. Now usually I turn off that analysis in the summer because summer TV tends to be formulaic and fluffy, but this year’s summer TV shows are really impressing me with effective layered storytelling. I’ve been especially surprised and impressed by the direction SyFy is taking with Eureka and Warehouse 13. Continue reading

Weekend Fun

Rockstar Geb courtesy of Jess

Now “personal” posts are going to be a rarity on here.  Generally I’m not going to talk about life because I don’t find day-to-day life to be a compelling thing to write about.  That said, being an actor my emotional life is fairly close to the surface and sometimes I can’t help but share. Continue reading

Sharks Have Officially Jumped the Shark (Or is it Nuked The Fridge now?)

It’s another day of posting filler because it’s too freaking hot to write.  Rather than any actual thoughts out of my mind I present you with 2 Awesomely bad Science Fiction Shark related trailers. I was originally exposed to both on Io9 but I feel the urge to share them with everyone out there.

First I present you with the SyFy Channel Original Sharktopus

That’s right, Eric Roberts continues his streak of playing awesomely bad villains in Sharktopus, airing, in all its Roger Corman produced glory, September 25th on The Network Formerly Known as The Sci-Fi Channel.

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The Worst Use of Superheroes Ever

I present to you: The worst choice ever made by DC Comics in bringing their characters to life on the screen (Catwoman excluded, I pretend that never happened, and I’m sure Halle Berry does too) :
The opening of “The Roast” of Legends of the Superheroes

[Via YouTube user BatEnciclopedia]

(Edit 4/27/16 – Original Clip I used was removed from youtube by WB so here’s a couple different clips from the same horrifying special)

Welcome to the 21st Century’s Tween Years, Where Everyone is Clark Kent, and Everyone is Superman.


Superman Image from

Flying Car

The Terrifugia Transition (posted from their site)

Let’s face it folks, it’s 2010, we’re living in the future. We were promised Flying Cars, and there are Flying Cars.

Star Trek promised us instant wireless communication and flat powerful computers, we have both.

An Ipad and An Iphone

The both I speak of (from

There’s one aspect of the 20Teens that no futurist I’m aware of predicted though: rampant Alter-Egos.

This got pointed out to me from two very different directions yesterday: NPR and an awesome Sci-fi blog I follow.

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I’m scared! Glenn Beck said something reasonable (for once).

I’m scared! It appears that Glenn Beck is sometimes an actual reasonable human being, and not a cartoony caricature of a political pundit. He actually makes O’Reilly look wackadoo in this clip (On the Huff Post page linked by the image above).  He states that marriage is a Religious Rite and the government doesn’t have anything to do with it.

And as much as I loathe agreeing with Mr. Beck, he’s right. Religious Marriage is about the uniting of two (or more in some religions) people (of the opposite sex currently in most religions) in front of their God/gods/Flying Spaghetti Monster.
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