Monthly Archives: May 2010

Lost Finale 1st reactions

Just a couple quick impressions:
Really emotionally touched, but intellectually frustrated. I flat out didn’t understand the flash-afterlife universe ending, it just didn’t quite gel.

Loved Sun and Jin’s boom we speak english moment with Juliet, the way they played the scene was spectacular, I think everyone watching shared in the joy.

I really want to see Hurley and Ben’s island of awesome… they made a great team.

I should be asleep so that’s it for now. Tomorrow I’ll hopefully collect my thoughts.


Under Construction!

Well here we go, 5/21/2010 the beginning of a new blog! My goal here is going to be to discuss any and all things that interest me, this may include but is not limited to:

* Acting related posts

*Shameless Self Promotion!

*Sports news/commentary (Hardcore Mariner’s and Seahawks Fan)

*Sci-Fi news/commentary (expect a response to the Lost Finale)

*Science of interest

*Random thoughts

That’s all for now.